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Successful agencies know that first impressions are everything. But if you’re still using basic, uninspired templates – you’re not just leaving money on the table; you’re giving it away.

Dear HighLevel Agency Owners, Coaches & Consultants,

You understand the power of standout digital experiences.

Yet, like many in our field, you may have resigned yourself to using lackluster, built-in templates that fail to showcase the innovative spirit of your agency.

It’s a common choice.

It’s safe.

But it hardly differentiates you from the competition.

The real challenge?

These generic templates don't reflect your agency's potential.

They cost you time, they aren’t memorable, and they certainly don't convert as well as they could.

Familiar with the frustration?

Of course, you are.

It's the thorn in the side of every agency looking to rise above the average.

It’s the nagging thought that you could do better - if only you had the right resources.

Well, it’s time to cast aside the 'good enough' and embrace 'remarkable'…

Imagine if your agency could access a vast collection of premium, custom-designed funnel and website templates.

Templates that are as focused on results as they are on aesthetics.

How transformative would that be for your business?

Enter the GHL Elite Premium Websites & Funnels Bundle

Here are Three Irrefutable Reasons Why the GHL Elite Bundle Will Revolutionize Your Agency:

Reason #1

Exclusivity and Elegance

Forget about the generic. Embrace templates crafted for distinction and high conversion, ensuring your agency always stands out.

Reason #2

Lifetime Access to a Growing Library

With over 100+ versatile templates at your fingertips, cater to any client request with speed and precision without ever starting from zero.

Reason #3

Unparalleled Value

Gain instant access to $5000+ worth of templates at a fraction of the cost. This investment isn’t just smart; it’s essential for forward-thinking agencies.

Introducing the GHL Elite Funnel & Websites Bundle:

Your Secret Weapon for Client Acquisition and Retention.

Stop the endless cycle of tweaking subpar designs and start delivering the exceptional with ease!

  • A streamlined template customization process: Bid farewell to the one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Quick, efficient campaign rollouts that impress clients and increase referrals.

  • A comprehensive template collection that makes project launches rapid and stress-free.

  • A handpicked selection of the most effective templates for conversion maximization.

  • Designs that simplify excellence, turning prospects into loyal clients.

And much more, all designed to help you deliver top-tier results consistently and effortlessly!

The Ultimate Collection of GHL Websites & Funnel Templates

When it comes to crafting a digital presence that captures and converts, nothing beats the GHL Elite Bundle.

With over 100+ premium templates, we’ve got every type of funnel and website design you could need, ensuring your offering is as diverse as your clientele.

For Lead Generation and Nurture

  • Lead Magnet Funnel Templates: Capture leads with a variety of magnet styles – from checklists to eBooks, ensuring your first point of contact provides value and builds trust.

  • Video Nurture Funnels: Engage and educate your prospects with video content that moves them seamlessly from interest to action.

For Conversions and Sales

  • Webinar Funnels: Host educational sessions that not only inform but also convert attendees into customers.

  • VSL (Video Sales Letter) Funnels: Present your offers with compelling video sales letters designed to sell with authenticity and impact.

  • Masterclass Funnels: Showcase your expertise and convert knowledge into revenue with high-value masterclass funnels.

  • High-Ticket Sales Funnels: Designed for coaches and consultants, these funnels are perfect for presenting and selling premium offers.

For Client Engagement

  • Newsletter Sign-Up Templates: Grow your list and keep your audience engaged with beautifully designed newsletter templates.

  • Event Registration Funnels: Whether it’s a free workshop or an exclusive event, these funnels are optimized to maximize attendee numbers.

For Diverse Niches

  • Fitness and Yoga Funnels: Tailored for the health and wellness sectors, these funnels are ready to promote your programs and sessions.

  • E-Commerce Funnels: Perfect for physical products, these e-commerce templates make online selling straightforward and stylish.

For Professional Services

  • Agency-Specific Funnels: Built for digital marketing agencies, these templates are crafted to demonstrate your services and capture client interest.

  • Coaching & Consulting Funnels: Ideal for consultants looking to establish authority and attract high-quality clients.

And that’s just a glimpse.

Each template is not only mobile-responsive and highly customizable but also designed with one goal in mind: conversion.

This collection is perfect for agency owners, coaches, and consultants who want to provide added value to their clients and stand out in the GoHighLevel community.

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Bonus #2 Premium Plan

(Worth $67/m)

Harness the power of authentic client feedback with a free premium account at, valued at $69 per month. This intuitive platform simplifies collecting and showcasing video testimonials, helping you build trust and social proof with ease. Let your clients’ success stories drive your agency’s credibility and sales.

Bonus #3

A 90-Minute HighLevel Gameplan Session

(Worth $297)

Take your HighLevel journey to new heights with a complimentary Gameplan Session. This one-on-one consultation is designed to map out your agency’s path to leveraging HighLevel to its fullest potential. Discover untapped opportunities, strategize new offerings, and lay out a plan that aligns with your ambitious growth goals.

These bonuses are powerful tools that can transform the way you do business. With the GHL Elite Bundle, you're not just purchasing templates; you're investing in a partnership that grows with you.

Attracted to the possibilities?

You should be.

These resources are game-changers.

But now the pressing question - what’s the investment?

Consider this: Is the Success of Your Agency Worth More Than a Monthly Car Payment?

That's right.

For a one-time payment of just $1,500, you can secure the entire GHL Elite Bundle of Premium Website and Funnel Templates.

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By optimizing our processes, we're able to extend these savings to you.

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We’re committed to keeping your agency on the cutting edge, a service valued at over $500/month for continuous improvements, but included for you at no additional charge.

Ready to transform your agency’s offerings?

Check out the Designs below, and scroll down to the order form.

Radhakrishnan KG

Creator of GHL Elite

P.S. Embrace the full suite of GHL Elite Templates, and I guarantee your agency will see a revolution.

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